Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

As always, there's much to be thankful for today.  

The past few extremely hot days I have been so thankful for a working air conditioner.  Just because you are blessed to have one doesn't mean that it always works properly.  I am thankful today that ours does.  Boy, it's been hot!

I am also thankful that our van is working as it should now.  Our van was in the shop for a while, and it's good to have it back home.  I am thankful to those in my family (Dad and Kam) who lent us your vehicles during our time of need!  

I know that I all too often take comforts and conveniences for granted.  I never want to become too dependent on them; yet I am very thankful.  I pray that our family will use what God has blessed us with for His glory and as a means to bless others.  This world is definitely not our home.  I pray for grace to avoid the mindset that I'm planning on staying!  

But with that being said, I am very thankful for our home.  We are still trying to get settled in.  We are enjoying having a yard, too, that is fun and safe for the kids to play.  Here are some recent pictures of John David and Claire enjoying being outside.   



The Cook Family said...

they are both ridiculously precious, but Claire's eyes are just beautiful! so blue and clear!! love it!

The Rigoloso's said...

such a sweet post, Katie! John David is such a big boy! So handsome! And little Claire- precious! miss you.

Melanie Campbell said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful children! They are both getting SO big! :)

Katie said...

Is that my little man? How time flies! My girl is growing up too. What a privilege to watch it with you!

David Kizziah said...

Sorry I was accidentally on your account :)