Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JoJo : A Gift to Us

I wish that I could call and say that I was going to show up at your door with this...
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Though I'm sorry I could not bake you something so yummy looking, I do want you to know that there is nothing that I could ever give you that could tell you how much you mean to me.  

Though young girls may envision characteristics of a future husband, I wonder how many think about their future in-laws.  A a young romantic, I never remember thinking much about what my mother-in-law would possibly be like.  Yet had I done so, I could not have come up with a description of one that is more suitable for me than you are, JoJo.  I am so grateful for your life and the blessing that you are to me and to our little family.  

And I praise the Lord for the lives that He has brought about because of you.  Thank you for being such a great mother to my husband and raising him to be such a well rounded man.  You taught him well.  Thank you.  

David and I are overwhelmingly grateful for how you serve our family and help us so often with the children.  I definitely don't feel that we adequately express to you what a blessing this is.  You are an amazing grandmother to John David and Claire.  I am very grateful that they get to share this chapter in life so near to you.  This time truly is priceless.  Thank you for giving them so much of your time and energy.  They (and we) are blessed.  And you graciously remind us often that you are too.  

May the Lord bless you today, JoJo, and everyday hereafter.  I am thankful He has given you another year to live for Him, seek His face, and bring glory to His name.  You truly are a giver and a blessing to many.  We are thankful that you belong to us!


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Melanie Campbell said...

Happy Birthday, JoJo!!! :)