Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : An Evening at the Park

Last Monday evening, we decided to have a picnic at the park in honor of our last official day of summer.  John David started school the next day, and we wanted to do something special.  

Well, it was almost too hot to really enjoy ourselves.  Due to ants, we quickly exchanged our picnic blanket for a park bench.  Then a host of flies felt welcome to join us for dinner.   And despite our continuos swatting and shooing, they never seemed to got the "on the contrary" message!

I am kind of glad I forgot the camera that night; it made for one less thing to have to tote.  

So today I thought that I would rewind back to early April and share a few photos from a most delightful evening at the park.

That particular night, I remember thinking John David's legs looked extra long to me.  Around that time, he had definitely hit a growth spurt.  Claire was also getting bigger and trying new things.  Wow, these little ones don't stay little long! 

Little boys and sticks...

sweetly sleeping on the stroll

I was glad for this evening at the park to enjoy my family and spring.  I always love summertime for many reasons, but the "punch you in the chest" kind of heat we've been experiencing is not one of them.  God is kind in creating seasons that bring new beauty and excitement and reminders of small things for which to be thankful . . . like the fact that it's not this hot ALL the time!  More on that tomorrow. :)    

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The Cook Family said...

Is that the park on McFarland Blvd?? I used to go run there every day...Oh, how I miss Tuscaloosa!!