Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

"Is it Fall?"  John David asked, peering out the window.

"Not yet," I reply with a bit of disappointment. 

"It's still Summer!" he says, in a not-so-dreary tone.  

"It's still Summer, " I affirm.  

(Don't get me wrong - I do love summertime and all of the fun that comes along with it.  And, praise the Lord, we've had a great one!  But this summer has just seemed so dreadfully hot.  As always by this time, I am more than ready for Fall.)

Since watching a movie about the seasons recently, this conversation above has become a pretty regular one between John David and me.  I often let him know that Fall is indeed my favorite season, and I'm very thankful that it is just around the corner.  He just as often informs me that Winter is his favorite because he's "gonna throw snowballs with his slingshot and hit Daddy." (David and Goliath style, of course!)  However, he too is excited about Fall drawing nigh, specifically because a trip to "The Pumpkin Patch" is on the agenda.  We talk about this upcoming outing frequently. :)   

I took a few photos of Claire the other day - it was during one of those times where we needed a little fresh air but could hardly stand it!  So here's my little girl . . . 



But thankfully, it was not quite so hot this evening.  We were able to enjoy some good, fun trampoline time for a bit longer than normal these days! 

After jumping, Claire and I headed in while the boys stayed outside.  John David has really gotten a kick out of the old Pink Panther cartoons lately.  While playing with his sidewalk chalk, I think his amusement with that lanky, pink cat went at bit too far. :) Though John David would be the first to tell you that "Pink is for girls!", he decided to color himself from head to toe (thankfully you it was just chalk) to look like his new animated friend.  

I am thankful for ALL the seasons, 
and that our Creator allows them to change in perfect time.

I am thankful that my children enjoyed playing together tonight.

I am thankful for the fun moments on the trampoline,
as John David chased Claire and me, pretended to be a Jack-in-the-box, 
and made his footprints in the puddles of rain that remained from earlier in the day.   I loved seeing the joy on Claire's face while bouncing - 
my girl loves adventure :)  

I am thankful for my son who enjoys life and all of those "little things" that are so endearing.

I am thankful for getting watch my husband play with my kids tonight and bring such joy to their faces.  (I'm saving a picture of that for tomorrow :)  


Lynn said...

I'm glad you all had such a fun evening together as a family. It was nice for it to be cooler. Perhaps fall will arrive by mid-October. :) We just finished watching Pink Panther, too. (I LOVE Claire's hot and tired pics.)

The Parkers said...

As always, LOVE your posts! Loved all the precious photos. Some of those of Claire's faces she is making are priceless! Please tell JD that Wiley LOVES the Pink Panther too and often asks to watch videos of it online. Can't wait to get our little ones together so they can become great friends! We love and miss you all!

Katie said...

Lynn & Lydia ~ You are always so kind and encouraging. I would love for ALL 3 of our families to get to spend time together! The thought of that makes me so happy! I love you both. :)