Monday, August 2, 2010

My Forgiving Son

There are so many things that happen throughout the day regarding my little ones that I wish to document.  Since having my second child, I have digressed from recording memorable moments in a keepsake journal, to using scratch paper housed on my kitchen counter, hoping for time rewrite the hurried scribbles in an special book one day.  Better yet, I'll record them here, especially since they say you can make your blog into a book.  

Well, with too many moments to count, I have to begin somewhere.  I'll start by sharing a few words from my forgiving son. . . 

Last night after church, Claire and I swung by the store to pick up a few essentials that just couldn't wait until my big grocery run today.  The boys had already headed home in the "boy car."  

When we got home, this precious face below ran into the kitchen with great expectation of what may be in those two plastic grocery bags (yes, they were plastic.)      

We've been playing around with "Photo Booth" on our computer. 
I hope this isn't too blurry on yours. 

John David looked up at me with a smile, and in his precious little voice asked, "Mom, did you get some Orange Juice?"  He's been requesting this the past couple of days, and I drop my shoulders with a sigh each time that I have to tell him "We don't have any."

My shoulders dropped once again last night as I sadly had to reply,  "I'm so sorry, John David.  I forgot!" 

Yet in the same precious little voice, he replied with forgiveness, "It's okay, Mom.  Accidents happen!"  

Thank you for being so gracious, John David.  It was most definitely an accident.  I would never intentionally forget something so desirable as "fresh squeezed" goodness.  I am grateful for your kind understanding, and I really loved your smile when I opened the refrigerator to show you TWO cartons of OJ that I did NOT forget to purchase today. 

I love you, buddy!  Thanks for loving me. :) 


Lynn said...

Very fun and sweet pictures. I think that's a quote from "Potty-time with Elmo." We sing that song a lot.

Liza said...

What a precious boy you have!!

teresa pugh said...

oh my. looking at the pictures I saw me in the surprised look fuzzy one. that could have been me. everyone says you look like me but I finally saw it in the picture. Sweet JOhn David; may he always give grace as others are sure to disappoint him. Good to see you all yesterday. Love you