Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am so thankful for John David's great accomplishments lately!
To help him overcome some of his recent challenges, 
we set up a point system.

Each time he reached a goal
like . . . 
-using the potty at school 
(he's been a bit "gun shy", which I don't count this a bad thing - it just makes for an uncomfortable morning at school and a pretty antsy "tee tee dance" come carpool time!)
- going to school like a big boy (without complaining, being brave, etc.)
- using good manners
- being kind and gentle with his sister
- obeying the first time, with a happy heart
(You get the idea!)
he would get a point.

Once he got a total of 30 points, he could get a prize . . . 
one that he's talked about for weeks now!

And today, after going to school (and using the potty there!) like a big boy,
he earned his last point.

This great accomplishment earned him what he's been waiting for . . . 
(drum roll, please)  
the long sought after -

Welcome to our home, Buzz!
(Woody's glad you're here too:)
This little boy sure worked hard to get you!
And I'm so thankful for his achievements in the mean time.

 I'm thankful for little Claire's behavior today, as well.
This is what you may get if you are friendly 
(or might I say "flirty" - yikes!)
with the guy bagging groceries in the checkout line. 
But honestly, I was thankful to see her being so "social."
(This is something we definitely celebrate in our house!)

He even said he got her one to match her outfit.
How nice. :) 

Also, I must admit I was excited about Claire's communication attempts today. 
(in addition, something that we celebrate!)

Now these things might not be a big deal to you; but for the sake of the record (and the grandparents!), I'd thought I'd share. :)

While in the store, Claire made the sign for "more" several times while in the produce section.  This girl loves some fruit!

We got home from the store and were heading to her room for nap time.  When passing a container of bubbles sitting on the counter, she swung her head back around in theirdirection and said "pop pop pop".  (She's also a huge fan of bubbles!)  Needless to say, we stepped outside for some pre-sleep "popping" :)

Claire uses the sign for "milk" a lot, and even sometimes when it's not meal time; I think she's just proud she can communicate something with meaning, that gets an immediate response, that I understand.  While she was waiting patiently (patience being a rare virtue exhibited by my strong-willed, opinionated little darling :) she saw a picture of a cow - her favorite animal, no doubt! - on a box atop the counter.  She proceeded to "mmmmm" (her version of "moo"), I think to hint to me, "Hurry it up, Mom!"

And she has also been seen enthusiastically signing "all done", particularly after a nail clipping or - due to her recent cold - a bulb suctioning of the nose! 

Thank You, Lord, for my children.
Thank You for the little things that we were able to celebrate today. . .
Before being blessed with my first child, 
I never knew little things could be such a BIG deal!


Melanie Campbell said...

Hey! I'm assuming you went ahead and posted this without it being completed so that it would have thursdays date on it!? (Or maybe it's an accident and I just embarrassed you by calling you out;) Did you know that at the bottom of a new post you can choose the day and time that is displayed, even if it's already past? :) Just wanted to let you know! Love you! :)

Katie said...

You nailed it, Melanie! I was trying to catch the Thursday date :) Thanks for the info about the day/time selection. Will DEFINITELY use that next time (if I only wouldn't wait so late to post these things!) and not leave you with a half written entry to try to decipher. You are so sweet to be such a faithful "reader"! The Kizziah family is thankful you're a part of our "vapor" :)

Melanie Campbell said...

I am very thankful to be a part of your lives! I'm so proud of John David! I know he's excited to get Buzz. And Claire can sign for milk? I've missed soooo much! :( But, I am so thrilled to see how great they are both doing! your children are so precious to me!

Leslie said...

Yay, John David! Claire is the first child I've heard of who correctly uses signs to communicate something unrelated to eating. That's great! You're doing a wonderful job, Mommy!

Lynn said...

Hooray for Claire's signs! That is so fun to see them learning. It was my favorite thing when Ella would throw one out of nowhere. And hooray for her trying to talk! So good. :)

Katie said...

It's fun seeing these little ones grow and learn. They truly are sponges :)