Friday, August 6, 2010

A Doubly Special Day

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Our family is loaded with summer birthdays.  And some of them fall on the same day.  August 6th is one of the doubly special days; it's a day that we celebrate my dad and my grandmother. 

Grammy is my mom's mom.  She possess an unbelievable gift of mercy; she's very thoughtful, caring, and a good listener.  From hearing these characteristics, you would most certainly believe that she was a wonderful nurse during her working days.  And while not at work, she tenderly cared for her 3 children, as well as her 10 grandchildren.  I hardly remember being sick at my grandmother's house, but I do recall once being propped on the couch and Grammy bringing orange juice with a straw.  I'm sure a cool rag for my forehead was delivered too.

Grammy was - and still is, when given the opportunity - a great athlete.  She was voted "Most Athletic" in her high school on several occasions, and has been the winner of numerous putting competitions (many in which she was the only female competitor, I might add.)  With tennis and golf being her favorites, she would surely excel in whatever sport she set her mind to do.  

Along with her athleticism, I've always been impressed with Grammy's organization skills.  I remember being amazed as I child when I would ask her for something, she would always know EXACTLY where it was.  She is very neat and orderly, and I wish to be more like her.

Grammy also has a knack for picking out cards (birthday, anniversary, etc.).  She always seems to find the perfect one, and it always seems to arrive at the perfect time.    

Grammy is a dear friend, always serving and loving others.  Because of the merciful heart the Lord has given her, she does this exceptionally well.  Grammy constantly serves at her church and is a good steward of the gifts the Lord has given her.  She also prays faithfully for her family - her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren - and, no doubt, she is faithful to do so for her friends and church family.   

I love my Grammy, and I'm so thankful for all that she is and all that she has taught me. 

Grammy and me at Olivia's bridesmaid's luncheon  

Big Daddy and John David spending time together -
this is a hobby for both :)

Those of you who know me well, know that I love my Daddy.  He is a godly man who fears the Lord, loves his bride of 30 years, and nurtures and affirms his children and grandchildren.  I am so thankful for my Dad's life and ministry.  Not only have I - obviously - been affected by him personally, but God has used my Dad in the lives of countless others.  I am so thankful for his humble heart that seeks to please the Lord and bring glory to His name.  You can read HERE and HERE for more of my thoughts about this great man. 

Happy Birthday, Grammy & Big Daddy!
What precious gifts you are to us.

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