Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed my children with such wonderful cousins.  I was privileged to be blessed with the same, and I've always hoped that my children would be given this blessing too.    

I am so grateful that we get to see my brother's children as often as we do; never as often as I would like, but more often than I once expected. 

We definitely don't get to see David's brother's kids as much as I wish we could, but our children always seem to have a really great time when they are together. 

I am thankful that we got to spend some time with cousin Abigail on her birthday yesterday, as well as a couple of hours today. 

These are some pictures from Abigail's and John David's time together today.  As you can see, we are having lots of fun with our computer's "Photo Booth" . . . and lots of fun together!  :)

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Lynn said...

Those are sweet and fun. I'm glad John David has girl cousins to love on him.