Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holiday Weekend Recap

While our Labor Day was quite restful,
we've been busy this weekend with many fun-filled events.

And we've done a lot of celebrating!

First of all, we celebrated developmental milestones.
Though it's all relative, 
many may feel 11 months old is kind of late to officially start pulling up.
(She's been attempting for a while and has been making progress.:)
I must confess I've been waiting for that 
"look how I found my baby when I walked in her room this morning" moment.
Friday morning, Claire delivered!
Since then, she's loved practicing her new skill.  

We started getting excited about a weekend of football,

and on Saturday we celebrated the first win of the season!

And we got to do so with good friends. 

We enjoyed waking up Monday without much of an agenda.
Claire and I decided to play around with her hair that doesn't curl 
and is getting long around her ears.

So we celebrated her first pig tails!  

And though Ella was the official birthday girl last Thursday,
she was the "birthday party girl" - as she preferred to be called - on Monday.

We celebrated Ella with an oh-so-fun Princess party!

And everyone had a great time.

John David even left with some great loot!
He's really pumped here . . .  just trying to play the part :)

And then today, it was back to school.
Although David said the school "drop off" was the best yet,
watching my boy walk out the door this morning was extra hard for me. 
I'm not sure why, 
but inevitably there will be many more moments like that down the road . . . 
when seeing my children getting so big makes me so sad; 
but so thankful.


Melanie Campbell said...

They are both getting so big! I'm so happy to hear that John David is doing so well with school! What an answer to prayer! I'm sooo glad that I was able to visit with you all this weekend! It made me so happy that both of your sweet kids remembered me and gave me hugs & kisses (from Claire!) I love you all so much - you mean so much to me! I can't wait to see you again! :)

Katie said...

You're a sweetie, Melanie. I love you! Patiently waiting till next time :)

David Kizziah said...

I think the mommy in this family is pretty amazing :) (Props to C.L.) :)

The Rigoloso's said...

Katie, what a sweet picture of David & your son walking to school. I don't know how that sight could get any easier as a mama! Love to you & yours!

Lynn said...

I just need to say that our two 11-month olds are the cutest out there.

April said...

11 months is ealier than 15 months! Seth has only been pulling up for a week! BTW: Raine skipped all afternoon yesterday!

Katie said...

These little ones definitely do things in their own time. And I so enjoyed my time with Raine. She is delightful; definitely a "natural" :)