Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Kids Today

They are growing up too fast!

This morning, John David was "preaching" in Daddy's attire,

And Claire insisted on feeding herself.

She did a pretty good job.

Despite wanting to be a big girl,
Claire has been a bit resistant (to say the least) to milk in a cup.
She definitely prefers it in a bottle.

**And fear not - the Mentos container is empty of candy, serving as a makeshift toy.
Those kind seem to be the favorites. :) 

With all the picture taking and excitement regarding Claire feeding herself,
John David wanting me to document him doing the same.

**For another side note:
Atop the fancy placemat,
David and Goliath are joining John David at the table as usual;
and yes, he's holding a scroll in his hand. 
I love my boy! 

For those of you who may be wondering about the scroll. . . 
it came with the Samson package.

John David has carried his favorite Bible characters around the house all day.

My son's love for the story of Samson has led us to great heights.
And if you happen to recognize this site,
I hope it's not a problem that we frequent it.  


Rachael Davis said...

I love, love, love John David dressed up and "preaching!" How perfect!
And I'm so curious to know where you got the "Samson" set - it is just too perfect, and I'd much prefer to spend my money on sets like those than Little People!

Susan McPherson said...

I LOVE these pictures!! I can't believe Claire is feeding herself!! She is growing TOO fast. I also love these bible story toys! Where are you getting them? So cool!
Love you!

David Kizziah said...

The figurines come from a "Heros of the Faith" set. We just go to Amazon and search for "Bible figurine" and some usually pop up. John David's first came as a X-mas gift last year by KT's parents. We had no idea they would be such a big hit for him.

Rachael, I think that tie John David was wearing was my "Witness" tie. Many a "ledger" scenes were done wearing that thing :)

Kate: Thanks for being such a great documenter of our kidos.... "The heart of this husband trusts you so much (Prov. 31:11)"

Bethany Vaughn said...

Too cute!! I love the first and last one of John David! Thanks for the info about the Bible toys I think those will make the Christmas list this year! Sterling would LOVE those!

Melanie Campbell said...

Wow! They are growing so fast! John David looks very handsome in his preacher attire! And Claire feeding herself!? I'm missing so much!

How I miss the Kizziahs! So thankful to have you all in my life! :) Lots of love!

Katie said...

Thank you all for the comments. Yes, like David said, my parents got JD hooked on these figurines this past Christmas, and David has found most of the additions since. They have been really fun and reinforcing. We usually have some Bible character with us most everywhere we go. Little boys are great! :)