Monday, September 27, 2010

Today's Smiles

I was thrilled to put John David in a pair of jeans this morning for school.
(And I was almost as thrilled that they still fit!)

We were so thankful for this beautiful day 
and for the great family time we enjoyed outdoors.

Fall is here, John David!
You've been so patient! :)

Before I go to bed,
I wanted to document a few of my favorite JD moments today.

First of all, when putting him to bed tonight, 
we did our normal routine of praying and singing him a song.  
Tonight, for the first time, he asked if he could sing me a song.
"Yes, Please!" I replied.  
Oh, I was thrilled and couldn't wait for my 3-year-old serenade!
He then proceeded to sweetly sing me 12 verses of "The Wheels on the Bus."
I loved every minute of it!
(And just to let you grandmothers know...
"My T on the bus was watching cartoons, watching cartoons, watching cartoons"
"JoJo on the bus was singing all day...")

David picked John David up from school today.
He said that when they got in the car, 
he asked JD to tell him 5 things that he did this morning.  
(That was a lofty request; we're usually doing good to get 1 of him!)
David was thrilled that an account of the day's activities started spuing forth from our son!
David told me this when they got home, 
and of course I wanted to hear everything to.
So with excitement and much anticipation of his lengthly account, I asked, 
"John David, please tell me what you did at school today!"
And he - very calmly - replied,
"That was for the car, not for inside the house."
Though disappointed, I understand the male word bank is smaller from the get go.  
No worries; maybe I'll get the pleasure of picking him up next time. :) 


Lynn said...

So fun, Katie! I'm so glad to hear that he is doing so well!

JoJoKizz said...

So funny! - Get used to the short and sweet from your boy - that's just the way they are made. One of the reasons (among many) I am so gratful to God for my 2 daughters he gave me through marriage to my sons is that I can now actually get some information! But never fear Katie, I have a feeling little Claire Bear will fill your ears for years to come.

Katie said...

Thanks, Lynn and JoJo! Being right there as they learn and grow is priceless!!! So glad you're right there too. :) Love you both.

CC said...

John David's comment tickled me so much - thanks for sharing the smile :)

Katie said...

Thanks so much, Candace!! Wish I could record all of his words these days. You have done so much to help us and our little boy. We appreciate you more than you know!