Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am thankful for how John David has been lavishing 
affection and affirmation lately.  

I am thankful that he's sharing lots of spontaneous comments 
and expressions of what he’s thinking and feeling.

We were at Chuck E. Cheese’s today (so fun!), and I was about to leave David and the kids to go get my haircut.  When I told John David that I was about to go, he immediately expressed disappointment and said, "But I need you . . . Can we stay as a family?”

I assured John David that I needed him too, and that I also would have loved for us to all stay together and play.

He then darted towards the big slide and requested some help maneuvering up to the top.  I thought I'd give him a little boost before departing.  

After accomplishing his feat, he called from the tunnel above . . .
“I’ll see you after your haircut!  Thanks for your help, Mom!” 

My heart melted at his kind words and then at fact that he is turning into such a big boy.  He's accepting circumstances very well, even if they don’t line up with what he would prefer. I appreciated his graciousness and good manners.

When we reunited upon my return,
 John David was excited and thoughtfully queried, 
“Did you have a good haircut?” 

"I sure did, John David!  And thank you for asking.” 

Star of the show

John David read about a mouse at school this week
and made some fun stuff to go along with the story.
He was excited to take them to see his GIANT mouse friend.

John David loves Chuck E. Cheese's!
(And you see why I needed a haircut!) 


Arielle said...

I love this post! I am SO HAPPY that you all are doing well! Miss you and let's try to catch up soon. Love, Arielle

Katie said...

Thank you so much, Arielle!! I appreciate your kind words, and I too would love to catch up with you! Love and misses :)