Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Kodak Photo Books

With so many people I know figuring out ways to save money these days, I figured it was time that I tried to learn how to do so myself.  I have been told about the website - Southern Savers - by a number of people.  I have only visited it a couple of times and have left feeling overwhelmed.  But overwhelmed because there is SO MUCH helpful information.  I'm sure if I can find time to sit and focus for a while, it will prove most beneficial!  

I did notice one of the posts yesterday that caught my attention.  Kodak has some really great deals going on this week.  Click here to see if any peek your interest.  I was most excited about the FREE 5x7 photo books they are offering.  Before making your book, you have to "join" the Kodak site, which only takes a minute.  And then you get 50 free prints prints doing so!  I am anticipating my photos and books.  I ended up doing two of them.  It appeared that you can make as many of these books as you like for free, but you do have to pay for shipping.  

I'll be excited to check the mail this next week.  And if you don't care about this Kodak offer, maybe you'll find the Southern Savers sight most helpful.  :)      

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