Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

David is out of town this week on a mission trip with our youth group.  I am so thankful that his absence is not "normal."  I often take for granted that I have a husband who has a somewhat flexible work schedule and that his job does not require lots of travel (except for summertime!).  It is hard for me to imagine ever getting used to him being gone weeks on end. 

But I have come to realize that just because a man lives at home with his family, doesn't necessarily mean that he is involved in their lives.  Many husbands and fathers - despite the fact that they come home from work each day - are far too "absent."  

I am thankful that this does not describe David.  He is quite the opposite.  I am often overwhelmed at how he loves and serves me, as well as takes the initiative to spend special time with our children.

I am thankful that David points our family to Christ by loving without condition and serving with humility and joy. 

I love David Kizziah, and his children adore him.  We will all be thankful when he returns.  Until then, we will be grateful that his absence is only temporary.

*These photos are from February 2009, but I thought they were fitting.*

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