Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : Mother's Day Weekend

Friday, May 7th, David returned with his mission team from Africa.
I was so thankful for his wonderful trip and thrilled to have him home!

Saturday, May 8th, was David's 30th Birthday.
My husband is always up for a scavenger hunt :) 

We ended the night with David's family.
We gathered for a birthday/Mother's Day eve celebration.

Abigail and John David enjoying the festivities

On Sunday, May 9th, we celebrated Mother's Day 
with Claire's baby dedication at church and then lunch with my Mom and family.  

If given a little thought, I'm sure we can all recount what we did this particular weekend.  In a conversation with my grandmother, she told me a little about their service at church Mother's Day morning.  She told me about a video that one of my friends - a former member of her church - had made and shared in their service.  

In the video below, my friend, Amber, shares a bit of her story of motherhood.
I'm sure that your heart will be blessed too.  You may want to grab a tissue.

Amber and Chad share their lives and passion for adoption here on their family blog.
You can also see more pictures of their precious little James :)  

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