Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : John David's Birthday

A month ago today we celebrated John David's birthday with a "David and Goliath" party.  I was actually pushing for a Nemo theme, but as John David's birthday drew closer, he made it known that he wanted a "Shepherd boy David party" and a cake "with Goliath falling down!"  So out of a desire to fulfill the birthday boy's wishes, we did the best we could to pull off the party that he wanted.  With only immediate family members as guests (also at his request:), I think John David was indeed a happy birthday boy!    

My boys as David and Goliath

John David chose what he wanted on his cake from his book
The Big Picture Story Bible.
He knew what it was and recognized the picture with excitement;
that's all that mattered to me!

My friend, Melanie (if you frequent our blog then you know her by now:) 
did these awesome characters for us.  
With so much going on at that time, I left the majority of the decorating to her.
 She did a fabulous job!  Thanks a ton, Melanie ~ John David LOVED these guys!

John David with his My T and Big Daddy

John David and JoJo

Pappy with the boys

Aunt Olivia and Uncle Kam were able to make it to the party.
We were grateful, for they had just gotten back from their honeymoon!

Me and my 3 year old!

The boys were trying to hit Goliath right between the eyes!
I guess you could say this was a replacement for "pin the tail on the donkey" :)

Aunt Lynn assisting Baby James as he tests the water

Ella had so much fun splashing!

Claire's turn in the pool

John David enjoying his new bat a ball

and his new trampoline!

Baby James

I think the little ones enjoyed themselves too.

Sweet family bonding

The athletic newlyweds

More of Melanie's work that I was so grateful for!

Ballerina Ella

Three Years Old!

Because we planned on John David wearing his "costume," I didn't give much thought to what he wore underneath, except that it was cool.  I didn't pay attention to the fact that his shirt had a "4" on it.
Our neighbor asked if John David was 4 that day.  Looking back, I know why she thought that.  

John David requesting to eat Goliath's head!

My brothers and their wives enjoying birthday cake

Thanks to Miss Melanie, John David can make "HUGE" bubbles now!

Pappy and JoJo gave John David 2 goldfish ~ "David" and "Goliath" of course. 

Me and my man :)

My precious shepherd boy

John David ~
I cannot believe that you have been with us for 3 whole years now.
Life with you is an adventure, and I am thankful for each moment.
I am so honored to be your mother; it is a privilege I am humbled to have been given.
I love you, my son. 

These are only a few of the 794 pictures that Melanie took for us.  
Thank you, Melanie, for helping make this day so special and for documenting these precious moments so that I could be camera free.  We are blessed by you!  


Melanie Campbell said...

794 pictures - I can't believe I took that many! I was SO thrilled to be a part of John David's Birthday party! I'm so glad he enjoyed it all so much! The Kizziahs hold a special place in my heart! I love you! :) Can't wait for Claire's 1st Birthday party - less than 3 months away!!!

Falyn & Joyanne said...

Katie, we have only met briefly, but I am a friend of David's from UM. I read your blog and keep up with your precious lives. I wanted to say that I LOVE this party from head to toe, the first picture is TO DIE FOR! Please please frame it! Love it, love you guys...

Love wins,
Falyn and Joy
P.s. Joy shares John David's bday just one year apart...

Lynn said...

I'm glad you got to post some of the pictures. Such a fun party!

The Rigoloso's said...

hey friend! Looks like your shepherd boy had a wonderful birthday celebration! you are a great mother, Katie. I am sorry I am just now getting back to you. The name of the store is United Textiles in Bessemer. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but there are many treasures to be had within! Wish I were closer...we'd make a date of it! Love to you!

Katie said...

Thank you, ladies.

So glad that you were at the party, Melanie and Lynn. I appreciate you celebrating our boy with us!

And Molly, I do so wish you were closer and we could have a date to the store in Bessemer. Thanks for the reminder and the sweet words.

It's good to hear from you, Falyn! That's so nice of you to keep up with our family. I remember meeting you in Mobile and listening to you sing - you have a beautiful voice! Thank you for your kind words! And Happy belated Birthday to Joy :)