Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am so thankful that I was able to go on a movie date tonight with my husband.  Who knew Toy Story 3 would have us both in tears?  We decided to do this sort of last minute today.   I'm very thankful for JoJo, who - on very short notice - was willing to come stay with the kids.  She came prepared with a Disney classic, coloring pages, and fresh fruit from her apple tree.  Thank you, JoJo!

Like I mentioned before, I am also incredibly thankful for how well John David did at Bible School last week.  Sunday night was the VBS commencement service/Family Fun Night.  The children performed the songs that they learned throughout the week.  I was so proud of John David and his participation in this service.  My heart was exploding with gratitude, and I could feel myself beaming!  

For the first song, he held onto his cowboy hat the entire time.  The hat seemed like a source of security as he looked out at the crowd and took it all in.  

By the next song, he was doing motions from time to time and singing words.  It was precious.  

I was also thankful that our niece, Abigail, was able to attend Bible School for the week.  She stayed with David's parents and got to spend some time at our house in the afternoons.  Abigail is so kind to John David, and he really enjoys spending time with her.  Many at our church said how much they enjoyed Abigail and that they were impressed with how quickly she learned all of the motions to the songs.  I was very proud of her last Sunday night too. 

      Abigail is the little blonde with the braid, kicking her leg :) 


Melanie Campbell said...

I was also so proud of John David! He did such a great job! In that pic with Logan cupping his hands around his mouth he was telling me he didn't want to sing anymore! ;) Abigail is precious - she did an amazing job with all of the songs they performed. So glad she was able to come!

So happy to hear you & David got to have a date! Hope you enjoyed it - you deserve it! :)

Katie said...

Thanks so much, Melanie!

Marlene said...

It's bad grammar BUT all I can think is "Aint GOD good?!?" These are great pictures!