Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : A First Time for Everything!

From boo boos to "bed head" . . . there is definitely a first time for everything.  I wanted to make mention of a couple of events during the past few days.  

On Monday, Claire received her first busted lip.  So sad.  In an unsuccessful attempt to crawl, she ended up with her mouth meeting the hard floor (teeth into lip - only minor bleeding).  Thankfully, she recovered quickly and the swelling went down within the hour.  

Poor girl 

A sweet, puffy smile :) 

And last week she awoke in the morning with her first "bed head."  I loved it! :) 

I vividly remember when John David had both of these firsts . . .

He definitely took the hardest hit. 
He fell on a wooden block (one of those things you couldn't do if you tried!)
 and it knocked several teeth out of whack.  This was MUCH more traumatic for all!   

A little less painful looking; 
John David's first "bed head" :) 

And rewind to earlier today ~ 
Claire officially started crawling :) 


julianne butler said...

Yay for the milestone!! And I LOVE the bedhead picture. So precious.

Katie said...

Thanks, Julianne :)

The Rigoloso's said...

yay, sweet claire! good job!