Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's Photo(s)

Five Cousins on a Couch
I think this was the best shot I got.

And this was the worst.
(except for Ella in the middle)

Okay, maybe there was a tie for last place.
(again, minus Ella)

And one more for kicks. 

Contrary to appearance, 
we really did have a great time together today!


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

haha! I have a set of abotu 15 photos taken in a row of 4 cousins a couple of years ago. I ended up having to photo shop faces from several photos onto one to get one with them all looking at the camera smiling nicely. LOL

Katie said...

That's hilarious, Jen!! I may should have done the same thing. :)

Katie said...

And I love Hannah's pretending to be Moses too! These kids - what a fun stage in life! :)

Lynn said...

These are HILARIOUS. I was dying laughing at 1:15 in the morning looking at them. Poor children. :)

Vicki Winter said...

These are hilarious!!!! I wish you had audio footage of all the adults yelling at the kids to "look" and "smile" and "don't cry" ~ it was hilarious, and honestly a little scary!!! I would have been a little scared too I think!!!! But you are right they did have a great time together ~ so much fun! Wish we could do it regularly!