Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Birthdays and Fam Jams!

 Friday afternoon, we were invited to a birthday party.
We celebrated our friend, Milo, at a "Yo Gabba Gabba Dance Party," 
and my children were definitely taking advantage of the dance floor.


We aren't too familiar with "Yo Gabba Gabba,"
but John David sure enjoyed getting to know these fun looking characters.
We also were admiring the character cakes that Milo's mommy handmade.

She even included a Gluten Free one (Thank you so much, Lisa!)

It was DEE-licious!

Claire enjoyed some fun instruments,

played in the ice,

and felt right at home with the big kids. 

 Meanwhile, John David and Milo were 
"cuttin' a rug!"
It was a great party, Milo!
We are thankful for your life and for getting to be a small part of it.  

Then on Saturday, 
we gathered with family to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday.
We love you, Olivia!
We praise the Lord for you, and we thank Him for seeing fit to give you to us.
You are a perfect match for my little brother and are such a precious addition to the family.

As always, Uncle Kam bounced John David on the couch and sent him soaring!
(I promise, John David isn't always in his Buzz costume; 
and we do wash it frequently!) 

The girls shared in one of Claire's new favorite past times ~
 paper dolls!

 Well, not really "paper" ~ you know, the newfangled "peel and stick" kind.
Gone are the days of meticulously cutting out each item and trying not to tear tiny fold back edges.

Props to the ones who thought of these! 

John David enjoyed some time with the birthday girl before we had to depart.

Later that evening, 
we gathered with more of our family.  
While the grown ups were enjoying good conversation and football on TV, 
Claire was trying to see what was going on at the table.

 Despite her great efforts, Claire wasn't allowed to join in on the fun.
However, John David and Abigail did get to enjoy playing computer games together.  

And then on Sunday,
 Rudolph decided to make an early visit to our house!

This is what a nose dive off of the stairs will get you.
Thankfully, the floor wasn't too hard. 
So here you have a nice carpet burn just in time for family Christmas pictures on Thursday.  
We'll see if we end up postponing those.

Here Claire is signing "please" after my mention of a bed time snack. 
This delightful expression was made just seconds before 
 a meltdown due to my delay in yogurt delivery!

My little girl loves yogurt . . . and scrambled eggs. 
These are the only two things I recall resulting in tears upon her dish being clean.
I think she'd eat these food items as long as you'd let her!

(Oh, and I see it's time to wash the high chair cover again!)

I hope you had a great weekend as well,
with lots of things to celebrate and not too many injuries!
And now that the week is almost halfway over, I hope it's been a pleasant one so far. :)


New Beginnings said...

I love you and your fam jams. Thanks for the pictures, your kids are pretty precious.

It's been so long since I've seen the newlyweds I almost forgot what Kam looked like ;) just kidding, but it was good seeing pics of Kam and Olivia too!

Love you! Hillary

Lynn said...

Wow! The carpet burn ended up looking way worse a few days later! I'm so sorry! I also loved Claire pulling a "James" and trying to swing that leg up there. (And Milo's mom is an awesome cake decorator.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, her little nose looks like it may still hurt!!
I just love all these photos for family!! I didn't know about the new paper dolls!!! Buzz Lightyear is still a fave I see. So precious and so wonderful of you to share with us.

Katie said...

Thanks, ladies!! I love you all. And is the "anonymous" Aunt Steph? Just guessing.