Monday, November 29, 2010

they say that catching up is hard to do!

When I pleaded for time to stop in my last post,
I didn't intend on putting a stop to blogging.

I mean, if there was ever a Thursday to post something that your thankful for,
it would be Thanksgiving Day, right?

Well, many events have taken place lately, and I would still like to make note of them here.  I really want to try to do this blog to book thing.  I think it would be a good scrapbook, of sorts, for our family.

The backtracking of the occasional "Rewind Wednesday" posts will probably characterize most upcoming entries until I catch up with record keeping.  But it sure is hard to catch up once you're behind!  Oh well.  I'm gonna try, if and when time allows.  Until then, here's to precious, fleeting time with family, friends, and my ever-growing little ones!  (They are both simultaneously napping at the moment - a rare, but pleasant blessing - hence this mini documentation.  Well, never mind . . . I hear Claire over the monitor.  Nap over already?  Better go! ;)

Until next time, 
I love that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!
Well, not so much at our house.
This is at my Mom and Dad's. :)

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the link, Katie! I really want to do this, too. Every year is possible.