Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

As you may have seen previously, we've been experiencing a lot of "lasts" lately.  
We will be moving at the end of the year, and the chapter we're in is coming to a close.  

On Tuesday afternoon, 
John David had his last individual therapy session with Ms. Michelle.
She has worked with him for some time now, meeting with him individually,
 as well as working with him on occasion at his preschool.

I want to express how thankful we are for Ms. Michelle.
She has been wonderful.
She also has been helpful in getting us information about 
some resources available where we are headed; such a blessing!  

I would like to also mention how thankful we are for all of the 
teachers, graduate students, and supervisors
that have worked with John David during our time here.
We could never express enough gratitude to each of you.

Well, at the end of Tuesday's session, 
Ms. Michelle had a "graduation party" for John David.
She provided delicious cupcakes and his favorite juice.

She also put together "John David's Goodbye Book"
that mentions many of his favorite things about therapy.
John David loved it, and it helped in bringing closure to the time they've shared.   

We will miss you, Ms. Michelle!
Thank you for everything.


David said...

Where are you headed, Katie?

Katie said...

We're moving to North Carolina, just a few minutes from VA border. David will be senior pastor of a church there. We're really excited and the Lord has confirmed His leading. Thank you for asking. Hope you guys are doing well. Blessings to you and Cindy!

Marlene said...

God bless, Ms. Michelle, what a special job she has!

Katie said...

I know. We are so thankful for her, as we are you. No joke . . . I told her that she was at the top of our "Thankful" list, along with "Miss Marlene" (and then I explained to her who you were.) We love you, and praise the Lord for you all the time!!