Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : More Weekend Pictures

We were invited to several events this past weekend and had a great time at them all . . . and to say that my little Buzz Lightyear has "enjoyed wearing his costume" would be a MEGA understatement! 

Growing up, my family never celebrated Halloween.  I know that most people view this time as pure fun, along with a good excuse for dressing up, being creative and a chance to get free candy.  And that's fine.  But my parents wanted to steer us towards the Light (this holiday's origins are very dark) and help us focus on the weightiness of Reformation Day, as my husband wrote about on Sunday.  (If you haven't read his article, I urge you to do so HERE.)  I am thankful for their leading and hope to do the same with our children.

As my friend Molly stated:
"While dressing up is fun & eating chocolate is delish, the true celebration of this day makes the former pale in comparison. . .   
How thankful I am that His love has reformed my heart!"

Well said, my friend.
I couldn't agree with you more.

But we did choose to dress up and enjoy some of the weekend events.
Here are some more pictures from the festivities.

Friday evening 
we attended a Fall Festival with some of our extended family.
 Cousin Ella, lovely as always

The sweetest fairies I know! 

 Buzz Lightyear and Tinkerbell

 Little Tink and Big Daddy
(there's much love here!)

 I'm not too thrilled at times about my little girl's adventurous temperament.
Now, you may not describe petting a cows nose as "adventurous," 
but it is to me - one who's cautious and borderline "germaphobe."
(My husband my disagree about the borderline part!)
 Needless to say, our hands were thoroughly wiped clean upon leaving.

 I was explaining to John David 
why we did NOT - to our grave disappointment - win the "Cake Walk."

 Enjoying the games, 
and maybe in ways not quite intended.

Saturday morning
we headed to a delightful birthday bash (under the Big Top!)
for one of Claire's little friends, Josiah.
(And we're friends with Josiah's family too.:)

They had so many fun activities for the children and adults,
one being the creative Photobooth.

Joining us here is our sweet friend, Abby.
The party photos were by Brooke & Grant Premo and Terri Ledbetter.

Later that evening,
David and I headed off to a costume party that we'd been invited to.
David has had this black wig above for years, 
(I recently told someone that I'd hate to examine it with a microscope!)
and it always seems to make a debut when it's time to dress up.
In thinking about how to be simple - as well as incorporate the wig once again! -
we decided to go with Samson and Delilah.
We had fun.

Sunday evening,
we went to our own church's Fall Festival.
The evening began with some delightful swinging - 
a favorite past time for each of my children.
And of course,
it was "to infinity and beyooond" for my Buzz!

Buzz met up with his pals, Tom and Jerry
(more commonly known as Logan and Ford:)

Claire was soaking up the excitement :) 

But the kids weren't too thrilled about all of the picture taking.
John David said that he was on the lookout for Zerg the Robot (from the movie Toy Story 2)
Here we are with JoJo
 next to the booth she was working.

Our attempt at a family picture
(not quite a success, as usual)
Here John David is attempting to shoot Zerg with his laser.
He found him! 

The boys enjoying a fun game,
and Claire patiently waiting her turn -
she loves to be a part of the action!

Claire's expressions sum it all up!

In closing, I thought I'd include a couple more 
black curly wig debuts
(though there have been plenty more!)


And even though it's not Thursday, ;) 
I must say that I am very thankful for my husband who's such a good sport 
and who never fails to make me laugh.
It's a wonderful gift!

I hope you had a good weekend too.


Joel Kizziah said...

That wig doesn't go all the way back to the infamous Milli Vanilli incident dies it?

Lynn said...

I love your Samson and Delilah pictures as well as the many faces of Claire Kizziah. What a fun girl she is turning out to be. :)

Katie said...

Joel, "You know it's true!"

And thanks, Lynn! Though we did stick to the original plan, I had a pretty clear conscience. :) I agree with you about Claire. What fun girls we've been blessed with! (Abigail included;)