Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

So, my little ones are growing up too fast,
right before my eyes.
(But I am thankful that it's before my eyes.)

At John David's last check up,
though slightly above average in his weight, his height fell into the 90th percentile.
He may end up being tall like his Big Daddy.

** A little story: I must add here that on the way to the doctor's office, John David - who loves David and Goliath (and if you've visited us here before, this is a well known fact!) - said (I rehearsed this in my head and wrote it down as soon as we were settled in our parking spot), "Goliath needs a check up.  He's sick.  He has a runny nose, sneezing, crying, mad, doing ugly 'fangs' (things).  That makes him feel bad."  Though I felt terrible for Goliath, I was glad that John David understood how bad it can make you feel when you're mad and being ugly.  Maybe he'll remember that next time.  

Well, now for the little lady.
Claire also fell into the 90th percentile for her height,
but was slightly below average in her weight.
It didn't faze her, though I figured this kind of charting would make many females
feel pretty good about themselves. ;)

So, I'm not necessarily thankful for the speed of this growing up process,
but I sure am thankful that the Lord is in complete control, 
having ordained each one of my children's days before there was one 
(Psalm 139:16).
And I am thankful to see glimpses of who the Lord is making them to be. 

My little boy is turning into a very expressive, creative young man,
who's trying new things and overcoming those feelings and situations 
which naturally prove challenging for him.

My little girl is growing to be more delightful and charming every day.
She's also showing signs of being JUST like her Daddy:
passionate and adventurous, 
outgoing and friendly 
(but at this point, keep your distance and don't try to take her from her mama!),
cute and expressive,
opinionated and very (VERY) easily frustrated.

I am so thankful for John David and Claire
and how the Lord has wired them both so uniquely.

I love learning them better each day,
as they both are also becoming better and better at expressing themselves.

John David's favorite past time as of late is pretending to be the Biblical hero, Moses.  Once again, we read Bible stories to our children and pray for grace to teach God's commands diligently to them when we sit and when we rise (Deuteronomy 6:7), but it is John David who initiates this acting and pretending.  

Individuals with Asperger's characteristically get easily fixated on certain subjects, and we continue to pray that John David's fixations will always be upon those things which can be used to bring glory to God.  We praise the Lord that - right now - he LOVES Bible Stories (and Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse :) - his repertoire is expanding!) and this THILLS our hearts beyond measure!  We pray that the Lord will use his interest in these stories as a means of opening his "literal thinking" little mind and heart and grant him the gift of faith!

Here's Moses on "the mountain,"
clad in an extra pillow case tied with old rope and pinned at the bottom to aid in walking.
He didn't mind.

Here are his stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.
David made these.  I was impressed.
And though he didn't take time to write out each commandment here,
he did do so on John David's larger tablets, 
conveniently cut out of an old diaper box. 

I asked John David to smile for the camera.
He replied, 
"I can't smile.  I am mad that the people are worshipping idols!"

What could I say?
But I did pray he'd always feel this way. 

**Another little story:  While John David was on the trampoline - the "mountain," rather - I zipped up the safety screen and asked him not to get off while I stepped inside for a moment.  He was a little unhappy about this, for he was at the part of the story where Moses was tending his sheep; he gets down and acts out this part in the grass.  But John David clearly understands the rule about not getting off of the trampoline without assistance.  The trampoline is right outside the backdoor, directly in front of our kitchen windows.  I had one of the windows opened, and I clearly heard through the screen John David begin a little monologue.  

In a deep, strong, slow voice he said:
 "John David.  
Get off the mountain.  
Take care of your sheep."  

Seeing me through the window he said, 
"Mom!  Did you hear that?! "  

"Yes," I replied.

"That's God telling me to take care of my sheep 
and to get off the mountain.  
He said I could all by myself!" 

Good try, John David.
Though I still did not give into his wishes at the moment,
 I did have to commend the effort there!
He was able to tend those sheep though,
shortly after Claire finished her snack and we both joined him outdoors. 

Well, as you may can tell from previous pictures also,
John David and Claire both love spending time on the trampoline.
And I think Claire more so than John David at times.
She loves for you to hold her and jump,
and know she likes to "bounce" on her knees.

I smile at the thought of Claire's passionate temperament 
possibly leading her down the road of ballet.
I've personally always loved ballet; 
a "wanna be" ballerina is how I've often termed myself. 

So what do you think?
a nicely formed second position


(her back could be straighter, though that little diapered derriere is pretty cute ;)

In closing, I wanted to share a poem that I came across today
 while going through a "stack" in my bedroom.
(Please tell me I'm not the only one who has these!)
It was written by my mom for Claire on her first birthday.
I loved it.
Here it is:

Smiles that greet with crinkled nose,
Ballet feet with pointed toes,
Big Blue eyes that smile and glow
That's who Claire Bear is!

Precious sounds ~ head shaking "No"
Thanking God to watch her grow
Today she's ONE ~ we love her so
We love who Claire Bear is!

Thank you so much, Sweet T, for this labor of love!
I wholeheartedly agree with you.

And today as I am thanking God for the privilege of watching both of my children grow
I'm continuing to pray for grace to point them to the glory of Christ on a daily basis.

At Claire's birthday party, we asked my mom prayed over her.
She proceeded to ask God that Claire not be able to remember a time that she did not love Him with all of her heart.  Of course, that is our prayer for John David as well.

I hope that if you're reading this, 
we can encourage one another in pointing our children (and each other) 
to the glory and majesty of God.

What are some ways that you strive to do this in your home?

I'd love to hear from you and glean from your ideas.
    And I pray that your heart has been filled with much thanksgiving today.


rwebb said...

Katie, I loved this post! The story about John David as Moses is great and I can totally see Claire as that prima ballerina. :-) I am so inspired and encouraged by the way you lead your children in the Lord. With Caleb almost 1, we haven't done too much other than holding his hand while we say prayers at dinner and then reading a story and saying a prayer together at bed time, but I have such great hopes of teaching Caleb to know God and love Him deeply. Thanks for your example!

Lynn said...

Oh, Katie...those children...They are so precious. John David is HILARIOUS with his acting out of Bible stories, so imaginative. We love our niece and nephew so!

Liza said...

Oh John David! Good try bud! What a brilliant imagination he has kate! Being a ballerina would suite Claire well. She does however, have the perfect example in you! I did ;) In fact, I was showing a friend a picture of our 4th grade nutcracker debut and I was clearly watching you and she pointed that out to which i replied "oh i did that the whole time :D" Love you!

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Hannah also loves being Moses. In fact, we were at some local friends' house a month or two ago, and she found this huge long giant branch and walked around the yard with her "staff." For awhile, she insisted on being called "Moses" instead of Hannah. LOL

Katie said...

Thank you all for taking time to comment! I appreciated all that you shared. Thanks so much!

Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, I am in tears reading this post! Oh how I miss you and your precious children! I am so glad that you are their Mom! They are growing so fast! I am so thrilled to hear that John David still loves his Bible stories! This is such a blessing. He is becoming so creative - to think that he would try to convince you that God was ordering him to leave the trampoline to tend to his sheep! What a smart little boy he is! Claire will make a beautiful ballerina someday - I am so amazed at how big she is getting!

I love you all so much - and I can't wait to see you - only two weeks! :) All my love to the Kizziahs.
~ Melanie

Melanie Campbell said...
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