Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : Lots of "Lasts"

(I really did start this yesterday, but I'm just now finding time to post it.)

Last Wednesday 
was our official "last Wednesday night" at our church.

It was Claire's last time to sit in this high chair

and to eat her dinner as she does each week.

This was our last time with these sweet and faithful nursery workers, 
and Claire could hardly stand all these goodbyes!
Sorry, baby Lakely, for disturbing your comfy slumber.

It was John David's last night of choir and Mission Friends,

and we appreciated all the farewell hugs.

By the time that I got done with the kids and their partings,
David and the youth had already dismissed from their Bible study.
I was sad that we didn't get a picture with the whole group.

This past Saturday, 
John David was invited to a party for one of his friends.
I'm sad to say it may be the last time we visit Tumbling Tides gym, 
though it was our very first!
I wish we had taken advantage of this place sooner.

John David had a blast!
I was so proud of him for trying new things 
and for being such a big boy in this unfamiliar environment.
For the most part, he seemed right at home,
and I loved how great it was for practicing motor, socialization, and listening skills.
John David did do a great job of attempting new challenges, 

 letting the coaches help him,

and listening to their instructions.

He championed this beam, 
(despite a bit of resistance)

he ran hard,

and made it to the top!

But this was his favorite of all;

the bouncing runway

and the pit of blue foam squares!

He worked hard to wade through the sea of sponges 
to get to the exit mat on the other side of the pit.

And when he got out, 
there was another trampoline waiting for him.
 John David's an old pro at this!

When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday,"
John David was too busy guzzling his juice box to join in the serenade.
(Actually, I think this photo was taken before the singing began.
But once it did, the juice box chug did NOT take a break :) 

He was excited about the yummy (REAL) birthday cake, to say the least. 

John David sure enjoyed celebrating his friend.
Happy Birthday, Reagan!  
Thank you for letting us join in the fun.

Later that evening
I enjoyed some delicious food

and some delightful fellowship.

It was the last 
(though, to my disappointment, only the second)
"Girl's Night"
with some of the youth gals from our church.
While feeling a bit sluggish after all that Chinese cuisine, 
we got an extra jolt of energy from silly laughter and yummy caffeine.

And here are my two pals who didn't make the group picture for some reason.

Thank you, precious ladies, 
for making this last Girl's Night so special for me.
I love you all and will miss you greatly!

Sunday morning we arose and prepared for 
our last Sunday at Circlewood. 

My intentions were to take a family photo that day;
but as usual, the family photo intent did not come to fruition.

So, here are some solo pictures of Claire instead.
Please excuse the sweet potatoes on the sleeve. 
They were delicious. ;)

Claire was trying to decide what to read. 
Ummm. . . 

Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America 

The Transformation of Virginia: 1740 - 1790

She decided to go with the latter

and was pretty excited about her decision.

Then it was nap time, and we prepared to return to church. 

Sunday evening was so special.
David was given the opportunity to preach, 
and the church graciously hosted a reception for us afterward.
We were very grateful, 
and - once again - overwhelmed with love and gratitude for how 
this church has embraced us and cared for us these past two years.
Thank you, Circlewood.  We love you.

I was thankful that some of our youth gals 
took pictures and allowed me to borrow them.  
Thanks - Lacey, Mackenzie & Jessica - for sharing your photos 
so that we canhave this "last" documented.  Much appreciation! 

The kids enjoyed some last playing in the church's gym.  

Yesterday morning was John David's 
last day at his church preschool.

He started the morning in his Buzz costume.
After putting all the pillows on the top of the couch
- as is his custom -
we served him breakfast on a tray 
- not so much the custom - 
and he proceeded to launch a laser attack on Zerg the Robot.

He enthusiastically ran out the door

and graciously and obediently returned for a couple of photos.

But he was quickly off again!

I managed to get one more of the boys before they drove away.
This was a big day for us.

I told him last week that this day was coming.
I asked, "Does that make you happy or sad?"
"Sad," he replied.
"Why does it make you sad?" interested to hear his response.
"Because my friends like to see me." 
I couldn't have been happier to hear these words.
I am so thankful that John David's teachers and classmates 
have made him feel so loved and accepted.
As we drove away from school, 
John David said, 
"My friends are going to miss me. . . .
Miss Barbara and Miss Mary will say, 
'Where is John David?'
My friends will say, 
'He's in North Carolina.'"

You never know how much your little ones comprehend regarding what's 
about to take place in their lives. 
For one whom transition can be a challenge,
John David seems - for the most part - to be understanding the upcoming changes
and accepting them well. 
This is our prayer.  Thank You, Lord.     

Later that day, 
Pappy came by to spend some time with us.
Thankfully, this is not a "last."
Yet we are trying to make the most of it while we can.  

The Lord has blessed us these past two years
with a wonderful church family, wonderful teachers and friends for John David, 
and with the privilege of living near our friends and family.

Though these "lasts" are bittersweet, 
we can only be joyful about this chapter that the Lord has allowed us to experience.
We didn't think we'd even be in the country these past two years.
The Lord's plans are best; for that we praise His name!


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Hey! I may have missed a post lately....where are you all going?

Rachael Davis said...

I think I missed a post, too! (David & I were in Witness together in college....hope that makes me reading your blog a little less random. :) We are in Wake Forest, NC at SEBTS - where will you be in NC?
Didn't you just buy your beautiful home recently?

Lynn said...

Great pictures, Katie. I'm glad you had so many fun "lasts."

Chad & Amber said...


Well now that I'm crying like a baby..that was a precious post and in so many ways, can identify with you my sweet friend. :)

Thankful for the change in seasons in both of our families and rejoicing to know the depth of His faithfulness.

"Season by season, I watch Him amazed, in all of the mysteries of His perfect ways...all I have need of His hand will provide, He's always been faithful to me." SG

Love you!

Katie said...

Hey Jen and Rachael! You gals are so sweet to keep up with our family. We are moving to North Carolina, only about an hour and 1/2 from SEBTS (Littleton area). It's neat that both of you ladies new David well, before I did. He's told me many stories :) Thanks again for wanting to stay in touch. We appreciate it. We need to do a better job of keeping up with you guys!

Thank you so much, Lynn and Amber, for your kind words. I love you! :)

Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

Katie - oh wow! Well, we're excited to see what this next chapter in your family's journey holds! I so enjoy keeping up with your blog and your family. Just the other day I was remembering fondly some of the conversations we had on the playground in VA. :o)

Marlene said...

I'm SO thankful for blogs that help me keep up with the sweet Deibel AND Kizziah families!