Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, Time. . .

please STOP!
Or maybe slow down;
for just a little while, maybe?

The days are going by so quickly, 
and my children as growing up too fast. 

Claire is 14 months old today.
Though this was taken about a month ago,
and she looks even more "grown up" now,
I can't believe how big Claire is getting.  

Claire is soaking up everything and is trying to communicate so much; and often does a great job of it.  She is very opinionated, and (thankfully) she's very good at letting you know what she wants.  She signs "more", "please", and "all done" to help get her point across, and she's quick to enthusiastically shake her head "no" if she's in opposition to your suggestion, or to give a wide mouth grin and squeal of excited delight when she's in favor of it (usually to your offer of a banana :).  

Though her first word was "ball" (John David's was too), her favorites now are "shaw" (straw - she prefers this method over the sippy cup), "book", "ball", "cicle" (circle), and "DaDa"(of course - he's so fun!).  With a pointed finger, "dis" (this) and "zat" (what's that?) are also constants throughout the day, as Claire draws your attention to something and wants to hear what you have to say about it.  She loves to play with the computer - though we usually try to steer her away - and she often requests to Skype my mom by pointing at the computer and making the "T" sound (we call my mom "My T").  She also loves making animal sounds and playing with the animal and letter magnets on the refrigerator.   

Claire does love her Daddy and brother so much and enjoys following these guys around the house.  I'm so glad she loves her Mommy too; though I'm not as fun as Daddy, we do have a great time together!  She likes when I unload the dishwasher and would rather climb in it, of course, than help unload it.  She still loves the trampoline and riding around on her train that JoJo and Pap got her for her birthday.  She now likes to push toys too, and she can't wait till she's walking unassisted.  She loves being on the move, crawling everywhere and - most often - preferring for you to hold her hands so she can walk.  And when you can't (it's an inopportune time, conditions are undesirable, or your lower back is simply worn out), Claire is quick to express her displeasure. 

For the longest time, Claire has loved to jump whenever she gets the opportunity.

But since she is now a professional crawler and prefers to do this,

 David felt that it was time to put the faithful Jumperoo away today.
I never thought this day would come for Claire.
We're putting it away now until our new niece is ready to start jumping!

Well, Happy 14 months, sweet Claire!
We love you so much. 
You are so fun and bring so much joy to our day. 
The Lord was so kind in giving you to us.

Did I mention we have a lot of fun with our girl?  
(and this was taken today. :)

Back to time slowing down -
I also wish that time would because we're about to move.

Time with family is precious - as it always is -
and especially now as we prepare to be farther away.  
We were so glad that JoJo stopped by the house today,
and we were able to spend some sweet time with her. 

Onto more about my "growing up too fast" little ones - 
John David - who wouldn't mind you assisting him with anything that you are willing to -asked if he could wash his hands and brush his teeth by himself today.  He then asked if I would leave, and I listened to hear how things were going.  I was quite excited when I peeked in the bathroom to see his toothbrush right back in it's holder.  He had done all of the proper steps, and I was very pleased.  Good job, big boy!

He also asked if he could stay home by himself tomorrow.  
(We were talking through our Thanksgiving agenda.)

"I'll just stay here," John David suggested.
I said, "What would you do?"

He replied, "Take a nap."

Then I queried about what he would eat.

He enthusiastically said, without missing a beat, 
"Cake . . . and ice cream.  Dirt.  And a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Oh, yes, of course.

Right after that he informed me, 
"Then I'll go to the store and buy something."

"What store?  And how will you get there?" I wondered.

"I'll run to Target and buy 'the Big Monster'."

"Do you know how much that costs?"

"Nine dollars!" He was convinced.

He was about $76 short, but I was sure that if anyone could talk down a price by that much, John David most certainly could. 

Then I told him how sad I'd be without him, 
and further convinced him to come along. 
I'm so glad. :)   

As I was looking through some of the pictures that I took today, 
I couldn't help but be reminded of this picture of John David

when I saw this picture of Claire.
Though they have their own "look", 
there are many times that they really look alike.

I am so thankful for both of you, my dear children.
And because I know that my wish for time to slow down will most likely not be granted,
I pray that we will make the most of each moment we have together.


Melanie Campbell said...

Oh my goodness! Claire is SO big! For some reason I haven't even thought about her talking yet. She actually speaks?! What?! I really hope she remembers me when I see her this week. She looks so precious! John David is also getting so big. Where does the time go?! Susan told me that Ford is now saying short sentences. I'm so glad to see them grow, but it's also sad to realize they aren't babies anymore.

So glad to have the Kizziah's in my life! See you SOON! :)

SusanMcPherson said...

Such a sweet post and a great reminder to slow down and cherish each precious moment! Thanks for sharing sweet Katie! Your kids are absolutely precious and we will definitely miss you all!

Katie said...

Thank you, sweet ladies. I hope to hang out with both of you SOON! :) Much love.

The Boyds said...

I don't know if you'll remember us, but Michael & I met you briefly after Wednesday night's service a couple of weeks ago. I found your blog through Lynn's & just wanted to tell you that I love it! Your babies are beautiful!

Katie said...

Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband. I hope to have more time to talk and get to know you before our family moves away. Do you guys know about the couples Bible Study at our parent's house? We are having a Christmas party Thursday night. You guys should come! I can get you more details if you're interested. And I was THRILLED to see that you guys have a blog too. YOUR blog is AMAZING! I can't wait to catch up and get to know you more through that avenue too. Hope you are having a great week. Blessings!

The Boyds said...

Thanks for your sweet words about our blog. And thanks for inviting us to the Bible study & party! We really wanted to come, but Ginger got 2 chemo meds today, & I'm concerned about leaving her. We're so disappointed that we couldn't come. I hope y'all are having an awesome time there right now! I did talk to your mama about us coming to the study, & when it starts back up, we'll be there. Although, you'll have already moved then, huh? Bummer. We'll have to work something out. My email is Thanks again & have a great night!