Sunday, April 25, 2010

83 Years Young

I think that I too often take for granted the fact that all four of my grandparents are living and still so much a part of my life.  Each of them mean so much to me, and I desire to honor them as they have sought to honor the Lord all of these years. 

Well, today is my Pop's 83rd birthday.  He is my dad's dad.  I have so many dear memories of Pop, all of which produce smiles and gratitude.  Letting all 10 of his grandkids pile up in his truck to go get ice cream or allowing us to help him pick vegetables from his prized garden, it seems Pop was always intentional at making memories.  I am so glad that he was.   

Pop is a wonderful man; one you are so thankful to have around!  He can drive anything that has an engine and can do whatever task that needs tackling with his carpentry hands.  He is quick to serve and assist others, and enjoys blessing others by meeting their physical needs.  Pop has participated in many Carpenters for Christ mission trips, where countless people have been touched by his talents and service.  

I, too, have reaped many benefits of the work of Pop's hands through the years.  Four of my favorite and most meaningful hand-made blessings from him are the playhouse that he built for me when I was a little girl, the little bed made especially for my American Girl dolls :), the prayer bench that he crafted for David and I that was such a beautiful part of our wedding ceremony, and the cradle he made when his first great-grandchild was born.
Thank you, Pop, for not only spending time with your grandchildren, but for investing time into little things (and big things!) that have meant so much to us through the years.  Thank you for being a man of God, who loves my grandmother, your children, your grandchildren and now great-grands!  Despite health issues from time to time, you continue to place your circumstances into the Lord's hands, and you keep your humor all the while!  Thank you for being so faithful to pray for us, to be supportive of us, and to even keep up with what the weather is like in our neck of the woods!  You are wonderful, and I am so thankful for your life and what you mean to me.  Happy Birthday ~  You are one loved Pop!     

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