Friday, April 2, 2010

A Significant Day in the Life of Our say the least!

Most importantly, we celebrate Good Friday today - a day that did not seem so good at the time, but it's circumstances proved it to be a most significant, glorious day indeed (words cannot even express the weight of it!)  Again, PRAISE THE LORD for His accomplishments on the cross!  

Today is also World Autism Day, a day that I never imagined would be so close close to our hearts.  Our family attempted to all wear blue (I wish we had all been wearing the same shade, or better yet, had some type of uniformed apparel.)  However, we most definitely wanted to be a part of spreading autism awareness.  April is actually Autism Awareness month, and we will be participating in more events coming up in the next couple of weeks.  

The picture above captures a family outing gone long!  Claire was hungry and sleepy, and John David was nothing short of the same!  He insisted on wearing his "Grumpy" face for our picture, though we attempted to persuade him otherwise.  (He loves the Seven Dwarfs and chooses to be Grumpy dwarf at seemingly the most inopportune times!)  For the most part though, we had a very delightful morning out with the family, running a few errands.  We have a few more festivities planned for the evening, of fellowship and focusing on what Jesus did for us on the cross.  

Hopefully some pictures of these events will be posted soon.  (I have really been more motivated than ever to record the happenings of our family here since I learned that you can actually have your blog printed into a book.  What a fun family keepsake!  I was thrilled to hear that, for I am often bad at writing things down.  Hooray for technology!)     

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