Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I (and my children) am SO THANKFUL that my husband just returned from a trip to Kentucky where he attended the 2010 Together for the Gospel Conference.  He is unpacking and getting settled in now, the only reason I am taking time to type at this moment. :)  The kids and I are PITIFUL when Daddy is out of town.  Even Claire today was reaching for a picture of David in a frame, and when I let her touch it, she kept stroking David's face.  Precious.  And John David was asking for his Daddy from the moment that he left on Monday.  

Thank you, Lord, for bringing David home safely.  Thank you that he is such a wonderful, involved husband and father, that when he is gone, we all feel his absence and hugely miss the joy that he brings to our home.  Thank you for blessing us with such a godly leader of our family.  You are kind, dear Father.  I am grateful.         


Lynn said...

What would we do without our husbands? I'm glad they're home, too! (But so glad we got to spend so much time together this week in their absence.)

teresa pugh said...

Thanking God for David as well this day. What a fun, amazing father, husband and son-in-love.

We love you David Kizziah and bless the day that the Father brought you to all of us. You make my baby girl smile....and your baby girl as well!!!!

Katie said...

Me too, Lynn! It was WONDERFUL getting to spend time with you. And I loved the kids having time together as well. I look forward to more of that soon!

You are right, Mom! I am so thankful that my husband loves my parents, and that you guys love him so much. It ALL makes me smile. Praise the Lord!