Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

Today, I must say that I am very thankful for technology.  I have been thrilled to be able to stay in touch with my husband while he is far away on another continent.  

During his time in Zambia this past week, it has been wonderful getting phone calls from David, as well as text messages, emails, and blog updates, letting me know how he and his team are doing.  I have heard stories of a missionary of old who caught sight of the ship that was bringing letters from his beloved homeland, only to watch it sink at sea.  And then after that, through tears and grief, he wrote one of the great hymns of the faith.  (So sad to say that I cannot recall his name, nor the name of the song he wrote.  If you are reading this and you do know, please remind me.)  How hard that would be to leave your home and family to go to a distant land, not knowing if you would ever see or hear from one another again.  I am thankful that that is not the case today.  We are still to "let goods and kindred go" for the sake of the call, but technology has made "letting go" a little less difficult and a little less official.     

If you would like to see a more recent update from the Zambian mission team, check out the Bowman's family blog HERE.  

The guys are scheduled to return home late Tuesday evening.  I am counting down the days, so thrilled to see my husband again and to hear all about what great things the Lord has done!     

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The Rigoloso's said...

You guessed it! California was the secret! We are definitely excited although anticipating some bittersweet moments, too! We must, we must get together! My dad is recovering well! Thank you for thinking of him! Talk soon!