Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

John David just completed his third week at his new preschool, which he attends twice a week.  He is still attending the preschool at the University two mornings a week, as well.  We were told during his recent re-evaluation that "he needs to be in [a typical] preschool yesterday."  If you have been following our family for a while, you may remember that we attempted this once.  The first preschool that John David attended was great, and - although John David did well - I don't think he was quite ready (neither was his mother!)  The University program is specific for children on the autism spectrum, it's only an hour-and-a-half, and I'm there observing the whole time.  Dropping him off for the morning and then driving away is a different story.  But, this time, it was doctor's orders.  Therefore, on those difficult mornings, I still know it is what he needs. 

First day at his new school.  He seemed to be pretty excited.

We let him chew gum, something he enjoys doing.
(Yes, we did send our son to school the first day with gum in his mouth -
you'd think I was wanting a reason for them to send him home or something! :) 

So, I'm giving thanks today that John David is DOING GREAT at his new school.  When David or I ask him what his favorite part of the day is, he usually responds, "Playing with my friends."  (I NEVER thought that people would be his favorite part of the day! :) "This is [DEFINITELY] the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes!" (Ps. 118:23) So thankfully it seems that John David is indeed making friends; or at least, he is enduring their presence...enjoying it, I hope.  The children are great, and they really seem to like him.  (The teachers tell me that the girls especially do.  They are nurturing and mothering, though a bit "squealy" for John David, I think.  However, one girl's name in particular comes up often when we ask him about school.  After meeting her, she - unlike the other girls - is quiet and reserved.  John David would much rather be around a girl like this.  If the other ones only knew :)  Just kidding - I don't want him to grow up TOO fast!)  On the other hand, his teachers are both so dear and patient and willing to help meet his specific needs.  They also both have experience and training working with children with special needs.  This was one of our top reasons for choosing this specific preschool.  I thank the Lord for leading us there.  

   Look closely...can you see him so sweetly waving good-bye?  
(And picture a mother behind the camera crying like a baby!) 

John David's special instructor from Early Intervention went to observe him this past Tuesday.  She said "a tear came to my eye" as I watched him participating in class.  When she walked into the room, he was sitting at a table with his back to her, coloring.  She said, "I could not even pick him out from the other children" - a goal for all children on the autism participate in a "typical" classroom and not stand out from the other kids.  So for this, we PRAISE THE LORD!   

Before school this morning, watching a favorite DVD and wearing his "King David" crown -
both comforting and familiar before facing the morning away from home. (sniff, sniff)

And chewing gum again . . . I think it's kind of comforting, as well.
If nothing else, it makes him feel like a big boy AND look so grown up to his mama!

Thank You, Lord, for John David's great progress.  Thank You for his new school, his precious, knowledgeable teachers, and his kind classmates.  Thank You for what a good fit this has been for him, and us.  YOU, o Lord, are kind, and You have lavished Your sufficient grace once again.  Thank You, Father.  Thank You.  


teresa pugh said...

hard not to tear up with you. I so wait to be told how he does each day and then I breath and thank the Lord as well that he made it through another experience with his peers.

I think a lot of people just endure those around them. I pray that God will give him His love for others and we know that is supernatural for all of us. No matter how hard it is, God's love keeps on giving.

So proud of you our John David.

Katie said...

Thank you, My T, for walking this road with us. We are so blessed to have such a great support system within our family. John David has so many within it who love and support him so much. Thank you for your prayers for him and your unconditional love. He (and we!) love you so. We so appreciate you sharing in our rejoicing in his success - a word that he has redefined for us. We are indeed grateful.

Melanie Campbell said...

I am so happy that John David is doing so well in preschool! I pray for him every day - so good to see he's adjusting and thriving! :)