Saturday, April 3, 2010

Passion Week: Saturday

On this day, the whole day Jesus’ body lay in the ground. Though His spirit was with the Father, God the Son was literally decomposing. That’s it,…. Dead.  The disciples sulked in the upper room, frightened out of their minds, and thought that they too would probably join their Master to the grave very soon. None were thinking about a possible resurrection. Though Jesus had foretold both His inglorious death and glorious resurrection the disciples just did not get it. It is as if the disciples of Jesus heard Charlie Brown’s teacher whenever Jesus spoke of these two certain realities. He was going to have to die, but He was certain to rise from the dead.
The first Passion Saturday for the followers of Jesus was nothing but sorrow. They had no idea that the most amazing joy – filled moment of their lives lie just around the corner. So amongst the myriad of truths I can fix my mind on, today I want to chew on this truth:
The brightest dawn comes after the darkest night!
It is Saturday, but Sunday is coming!

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CC said...

This is a truth that I am clinging to now, trusting that God truly does bring the greatest joy after the deepest sorrow. Thanks for sharing all of your insights.
Blessings to you, Katie, and the kiddos!
Candace Cook