Sunday, April 18, 2010

Walking for Autism, Walking for John David

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that
Tuscaloosa's 2010 Walk for Autism was held yesterday morning (Saturday, April 17th).  
I was thrilled that a good portion of my family was able to attend and show support for our John David.
It was wonderful.

My precious boy. I love him so much.

My younger brother, Kameron, and Olivia (his fiance), John David (a little distracted by the big bouncy slide!), my Dad and Mom, and my older brother K.J.  Ella and baby Claire didn't make the picture, but they were both very close by! :)
David and I are the humbled ones in the front.  Humbled by God's grace and the overwhelming love and support we felt.

My precious sister-in-law, Lynn, made these team shirts, to my surprise. Thank you, sweet Lynn and the rest of the gang, for showing such love to my little boy. It means more than you could ever know...

John David enjoying jumping, waiting for the walk to begin.

Walking for John David! And all the other wonderful individuals affected by autism.

Team John David, making their laps!

So proud of our boy!

John David and his Big Daddy.  
Though he walked some, John David spent the majority of the time in this favored spot!

The (NEAR!) future Mr. and Mrs. Kameron Pugh - HOORAY!
Kameron and Olivia are getting married May 22nd.

John David and Ella (my older brother's little girl). Ella is such a sweet cousin ~ one of John David's biggest fans, no doubt!

Ella ~ what a fun girl!

Lynn (my brother's wife who made the blue 'John David' shirts) said that Ella didn't quite understand. Instead, she wanted a PINK shirt with HER name on it . . . so, there you have it! But she supports her cousin, nonetheless!  

Big Daddy, John David, and Ella, having fun together . . . as always!

Sweet little Claire, supporting her big brother, even during her beloved nap time!! She LOVES John David!

My precious mother. Thanks, Sweet T, for watching Claire while she tried to nap...okay, REST is more like it - not a very nap conducive setting! :) You are priceless!

T and Claire enjoying each other (and the shade!) :)

Girl cousins. They already love each other! (And I love how Claire is just chillin!)

One day, she will be walking too.

John David and Big Daddy. These guys are pretty tight, to say the least. And it makes me smile :)

Enjoying his new Walk for Autism shirt.

Tired. Precious.

It was a wonderful morning.  Thank you, sweet family, for your love and support.  We couldn't do it without you!
And John David . . . you are amazing!  Daddy and I wouldn't trade you for the world!  We are so honored that God gave you to us.  He knew that we needed you so badly.  We love you more than you could ever understand.

*Click here to see pictures from last year's Walk (and a few more photos from April of 2009.) 
 John David has grown so much. 

*Click here to learn more about autism and how YOU, too, can make a difference!


Chad & Amber said...


This was such a precious post. I not only loved getting to see all of your family but rejoice with you for the love and support you have and know so well what grace that is from our kind and loving God. We continue to pray for JD and love every new post with encouraging updates.

The only I don't love is that you live in Bama :-(

Love you my friend!

Is there a Florida trip in the works for the summer?

Oh and ps...if David goes out of town again and you want some company...maybe I could plan a little road trip up to see you??
Call me soon...I have some news I would love to share!

bethany j gounares said...

I love these! what a wonderful day.

Katie said...

Amber ~ I loved getting to talk with you on the phone. You are such an encouragement. Thank you, thank you for praying for us, specifically John David. We are doing the same for you guys. Excited to hear what's next!!!

I agree, Bethany. A wonderful day, indeed. :)